4 Easy Steps To Your Perfect Smile


Place the Orthofill band on your teeth.


Leave the Orthofill band on overnight.


Remove the band the next morning.


Enjoy your new smile, after 30 days!

Janet, Florida USA

Janet was struggling with a frontal incisors teeth gap since she graduated college. We offered her our amazing solution and now she’s smiling from dusk till dawn!

Our Customers Love Orthofill

I was hesitant to try this product at first because I thought that my gap was too wide. But after seeing and reading some of the testimonials I decided to give it a try. It only took about 45 days to close my gap & now I have the smile that I always wanted. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you so much Orthofill! - Machika Lowe

Orthofill Is Applicable to All Kinds of Upper & Lower Teeth Gaps

We’ve Made Orthofill Affordable, Because We Feel That Everyone Deserves A Great Smile

For Single Gap Only

Any Size Between 1 to 4 mm
Close Upper & Lower Gaps

100 closing bands

100 retaining bands*


For Multiple Gaps

Closes 2 or More Gaps
Close Upper & Lower Gaps

300 closing bands

100 retaining bands*


Free Shipping Worldwide!

* Shipping delays may vary upon certain factors


Here are a few awesome videos our customers sent us

Curious about Orthofill bands?

  • Can Orthofill permanently close my gaps?
  • How long does the treatment last?
  • Does using the Orthofill bands hurt?

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“I recommend Orthofill bands to all of my clients who cannot afford braces.

What Makes Orthofill So Loved Around The World?

Proven reliability

Orthofill works on upper and lower gaps. It has worked for now over 125 000 gaps all over the world. Complete the treatment over the indicated period and you’ll be gap free for the rest of your life!

Ease of use

Yes, as easy as 1-2-3, the 4 is just telling you Smile! Orthofill bands are as simple as that to use. Make sure you get the right package for your situation and you’ll be good to go!

Results that show

If you have afraid of the effectiveness of the Orthofill bands, do not hesitate to go to our Before and After results page. You will see that not only did it close teeth gaps, but it also gave confidence to our customers!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe so much in our product effectiveness that we take all the risks for you. We offer a 100% money refund with no questions asked if you are not completely satisfied with the product. Just ship us the bands back with your Transaction Receipt and that’s it!

* we’ll refund with no questions asked.

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