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Teeth Bands at whopping low prices for 3rd Christmas Promo offered by Orthofill, world provider for alternative non-invasive solution for teeth gaps.

Ottawa On (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Teeth bands are now being sold at very low prices for the third Christmas Promo offered by Orthofill, the leading provider for safe, less expensive, alternative and non-invasive solutions for teeth gaps.

For a limited time beginning December 2, 2012, Orthofill is offering more than 50% worth of discounts on their teeth band packages. With the onset of the shopping season, discounts mean savings for people who are preparing their budgets for presents and celebrations this Yuletide season.

This is the last leg of their Christmas promos for this year which comes at an opportune time: as the New Year closes in, Orthofill invites their potential clients to sport a new smile for 2013 in 30 days from the first use.

Using the tooth bands is simple: one only has to place one band over the teeth with a gap in between them and wear them for 12 hours overnight for the initial 30 days, until the gap is closed. To ensure that teeth stay in their new positions permanently, the bands should be worn round the clock for another 30 days thereafter.

Purchasing Orthofill’s teeth bands is risk free. Clients get their money back 100% should they find results unsatisfactory provided that all instructions on usage were followed.

To find out how much savings one can make, visit Orthofill’s pricing page.

For more information on the treatment of minor diastemas, proper product usage, treatable cases and other case studies, visit Orthofill at

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Orthofill is a company owned by Clicking Labs, Inc. With dedication and perseverance, they were able to bring together a team of multi-talented individuals to provide the world with creative and interesting marketing strategies to drive success to its clients. It has stations in Ontario, Canada and Cebu, Philippines.


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Christmas can mean big expenses, but not if you know where the discounts are. As promised, Orthofill is continuing its Christmas Promo Series, this time on social media. Orthofill is launching a social media contest that may get you the following:

  • Twenty dollars slashed off from the regular price of our Medium Package
  • a free eBook on tips regarding organic and DIY methods for dental health, as well as other beauty tips

All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

On Twitter

1.   Follow @OrthofillBands on Twitter

2.   Watch out for the Tweet with the following content: Retweet this and get the chance to close your teeth gap with $20 off on our product! #Orthofill 

3.   Do as the tweet says! Retweet it anytime starting November 7 to November 11.

4.   Five (5) winners will be picked through electronic raffle.


On Facebook:

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2.   Watch out for the Post with the following content:

Announcing a new Orthofill Promo! Share this photo and have the chance to get 30% off on our Medium Orthofill Package! Promo runs from November 7 to 11. For more details, visit our blog

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4.   Ten (10) winners will be picked through electronic raffle.



Winners will be sent private messages through their social media accounts, and will be asked for their email addresses to which we can send the details of claiming your prize.

Discounts and eBooks won are valid for claiming only from Nov 12 to Nov 17, 2012, so do check us out on Twitter and Facebook for updates, as well as your inboxes for notifications from us.

Join in the fun and start sharing!

I’m pretty sure most people—if not everyone—have experienced bullying or teasing when they were growing up. Majority of the reason why this is because of a person’s looks and that is the harsh reality of it. It could be how you dress, or how you talk and act, or a physical abnormality that may be genetic or externally created. And while the first two factors mentioned can be relatively easy to remedy, the third factor is not that easy to overcome, especially if you have what is known as diastema—or in layman’s terms is known as teeth gap.

Teeth gaps are a dental issue wherein there is a noticeable space in between teeth that have not fully closed during the maturation stage of tooth development. These gaps are commonly found in the front part of the teeth, generally on the upper set, but can also appear on the lower set as well. This usually happens when there is an unequal relationship between the size of the teeth and the jaw.

Fortunately, diastema is an adjustable medical condition. While braces are the most common way to resolve the problem, they can also be quite painful to withstand for some people and they are generally very expensive due to the cost of applying them as well as regular maintenance until such time that they can be removed from the affected teeth. For those who have a low threshold for pain or unwilling to spend a lot of money to fix a relatively minor dental issue, salvation comes in the form of Orthofill.

Orthofill is a dental band product made by trusted orthodontists and is approved by the FDA to combat the stigma of teeth gaps. It is essentially a flexible band made out of patented premium grade elastic polymer which contains no latex. When placed around teeth that have a gap between them, the dental band creates calculated pressure that slowly closes the gap until it is closed. With constant instructed use, Orthofill can treat teeth gaps no larger than 3.5mm within 2-4 months! Aside from such wonderful benefits to fixing diastema, the product is a relative steal that costs less than a fraction of using braces!

Now isn’t that an added bonus?

So you see, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to fix your teeth gaps. The pleasure of having a beautiful set of teeth worthy of smiling is now within your reach! Of course, some skepticism may be in your mind which is why it is important that you do further research before you ultimately decide to purchase Orthofill and how it can change your life. Never again will you have to endure social ostracism because of your teeth gaps because dental bands are here to help, and there’s no better dental band out there that can do the job but Orthofill.

Having a flawless set of teeth definitely has its advantages. If you possess a healthy and straight set of pearly whites, then you’re basically set to conquer the world with your dashing smile! As human beings, we constantly utilize our mouths on a daily basis nonstop, so it is important that one should consider oral health as one of the top biological priorities.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with dental genetics that can rival a Hollywood movie star. The harsh truth of the matter is that many people out there have a dental problem known as diastema—or more commonly known as teeth gaps. People who are affected with this oral issue tend to be very self-conscious about displaying their teeth, especially if the gaps are prominently featured in the upper or lower front portion of teeth. As such, these people will invariably have self-esteem and confidence building concerns that will have a significant and debilitating effect on their social life.

Everyone knows that it’s not fun to be teased or bullied just because of any physical abnormality a person may have. And while teeth gaps generally correct and close naturally as teeth develop into adulthood; some of the time, there are gaps that just remain open even as they mature, and this becomes a problem for the people afflicted with such cases.

Normally, the standard way to treat this dental issue is by means of using braces. However, braces are a very costly and painful method of fixing teeth gaps and can be an added factor in debilitating social activity as there are tactless people out there who mock people wearing braces. This should not be the only alternative for people with diastema, and in no way should they be denied the privilege of having a well-aligned set of teeth worth smiling for.

So if you are reading this and you have this problem, then here’s how you can fix gaps between your teeth:

1.)    Be smart about your options. That means you need to do research for fixing teeth gaps. Most likely, you’ll find a product that is known as Orthofill, which is designed to close teeth gaps effectively without ever having to go and use braces.

2.)    Once you’ve discovered Orthofill, you need to read up on the product on how it is used and whether other people have already tried it with positive results.

3.)    Should you be convinced that using Orthofill is definitely for you, then go ahead and purchase one for yourself!

4.)    When your Orthofill product arrives at your doorstep, it’s time to get with the program and use the dental bands to close your teeth gaps for good.

5.)    Make sure that you strictly follow the usage and guidelines for applying Orthofill on your teeth gaps. Adhering to the instructions is key to the product’s effectiveness. In time, you will see significant results!

Lastly, when your teeth gaps have been successfully closed thanks to Orthofill, feel free to step out and show the world that fabulous smile!

Did you know that cleaning the teeth was not always this easy? Thanks to the advancing technology and dedicated dentists, it is much convenient to keep teeth clean and fresh, as well as close teeth gap and straighten severely crooked teeth. In fact, you can fix teeth gap at home using gap bands.

orthofill bands

These bands can be purchased online and applied at home each day for about a month or two. This is the cheapest and fastest way to resolve gap problems on teeth. Here are some fun teeth facts that will make you appreciate more the dental help, method and teeth products that are available today.


false teeth

Back in 1800s, people in England who were wearing false teeth ate on their bedrooms instead of the dining table to prevent embarrassing themselves if their false teeth fall while eating. Today, false teeth are not always the option for teeth problems. There are other dental solutions like teeth filling and veneers that may resolve the concern. And if the last resort is getting false teeth, they can be fitted perfectly to avoid accidentally falling. Furthermore, they look more natural so you would still feel comfortable wearing them.


tooth ache

If you are suffering from toothache, brushing your teeth can prevent this from happening or your dentist may give you medication to alleviate the pain immediately. That means you don’t have to kiss a donkey, which was the common solution for treating toothache in Germany back in the middle ages.

There’s also no need to cover the teeth with parchments containing incantations and prayers, which ancient Chinese used to do to ease toothache. If the tooth needs to be removed, you don’t have to worry as the dentist may use anesthesia so you wouldn’t feel anything during the process. You wouldn’t want to use pliers for removing it just like the ancient Greeks did right?


Before, toothache was believed to be caused by a tooth worm. It is said that the worm eats up the inner part of the teeth, which then destroys it. With all the available information about dental care online and with the help of the dentist, as you know, toothache and tooth decay are not caused by tooth worm. They can be caused by the foods you eat, as well as by not properly taking care of the teeth. Taking of your oral hygiene can prevent dental problems.


dental products today

Speaking of oral hygiene, there are several products available today that can be used for taking care of your teeth. Some of them are toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, bands and mouthwash.

In ancient times, taking care of oral health was not as convenient as it is today. Twigs were used by chewing them to turn them into strands. People then use them like toothbrush for cleaning their teeth. Aside from twigs, various rough items were also used for dental cleaning including pumice and eggshell. People used to ground charcoal, chalk or use ashes like toothpaste for cleaning teeth. Urine was also used for gargling, much like a mouthwash. Good thing you don’t have to do any of these today.

Also known as dental abscess, a tooth abscess is one of the most painful dental problems that you will ever experience. The sad part is, this dental condition can be very easy to prevent. The problem begins when a lot of people decide to ignore their toothache, always thinking that it will eventually go away.


Well, it will go away but not after you have experienced the excruciating pain that the pus caused by an infection at the center of a tooth can give you. Gone are the days when you worry about how to fix teeth gap or how to straighten your teeth without braces once you have felt this extraordinary condition.

It is rather funny that the cause of the abscess is quite mundane. Again, it is very easy to prevent. It starts with a simple cavity in your teeth. This is usually ignored and this “simple” cavity will then gradually spread on the mouth, jaws, inner cheeks, and finally, inside the tooth. When this happens, all hell will break loose and this is certainly not an exaggeration! Whether or not you need teeth gap fix, everything will be forgotten and all you will remember is how truly and horribly painful this abscess is.

Are you scared yet? Your dentists will definitely vouch for this so you might want to know about the signs and symptoms of this certain cavity that can terrifyingly lead to the legendary tooth abscess. The telltale signs are as follows:

  1. Bad breath
  2. Slight fever
  3. Bitter taste
  4. Painful chewing
  5. Sensitive to hot or cold beverages or food
  6. Swollen gums

If you have been feeling these things, then you have cavities on your teeth and you will soon have tooth abscess if you don’t do something about it immediately. Make sure you prevent the infection from spreading by consulting your dentist for a proper treatment.

It is a fact that a lot of people find dental subjects quite boring. After all, what is there to know about other than making sure that we all maintain a very good oral hygiene? For some individuals, the only time that they become interested in the field of dentistry is when they need bands for teeth probably because one of their kids demands it and so that they can stop their continuous complaint of “fix the gap in my teeth dad!!”

What many of you don’t know is that there are things that your dentist doesn’t tell you. We really don’t know if this is deliberate or just a coincidence. What matters is, you are about to discover these factors that can potentially change your dental life forever.


  • Change your toothbrush! Did you know that you need to replace your toothbrush with a new one every time you just got over the flu? All germs will stay in your brush and you would not want that inside your body again!
  • Don’t put your toothbrush near the toilet. Tons of bacteria and germs linger inside and outside the toilet no matter how clean your bathroom is. Make sure you put your toothbrush as far away as possible since airborne bacteria can fly up and away for up to six feet while flushing.
  • More soda, more tooth decay! Studies show that people who drink at least three glasses of soda per day have more tooth decay. You might want to refrain yourself from drinking a lot of these fattening and cavity causing beverages.
  • A capped tooth is never good. A capped tooth locks the moisture inside the tooth, thus encouraging the growth of bacteria. This means, this method is quite harmful and can cause cavity and abscess in the process, which is totally not a good thing.

Today, the advancements of the medical world have certainly made a lot of people healthy and fit. This does not exclude the field of dentistry. There are a lot of things that you can do to maintain a healthy set of whites without having to straighten teeth without braces. Yes, there is an alternative to braces, thus making it easier to make sure that you get that perfect smile.

But did you know that during the ancient times, people had weird beliefs regarding their teeth? Here are some notable things that you might want to know about.


1. Kissing a donkey relieves toothaches? Yes, you read that right. During the middle ages, the Germans believe that a person with an aching tooth must kiss a donkey to bring instantly relieve him from the pain.


2. Big old pliers were used to extract teeth. Would you believe that ancient Greeks, with all their glorious richness and grandeur, used pliers for all tooth extractions? That must have hurt a lot. Ouch!


3. Twigs and fingers were used like a toothbrush. Back when people have not yet heard of a toothbrush, they used twigs and fingers to clean their teeth. They compile little twigs and use it as a brush.


4. Charcoal, chalk, and ashes were used to be an ancient version of toothpaste. A century ago before toothpaste was invented, charcoal, ground up chalk, ashes, lemon juice, and honey were all mixed together until it forms a paste so they can clean their teeth.


5. Written incantations can remove toothache. The ancient Chinese used to wrap their painful tooth with a thin paper that is full of written incantations. They believed that these incantations could cure tooth decay.


6. Eating habits with false teeth. During the 19th century in England, people that use false teeth never eat in public. This is to avoid the embarrassing situation of “teeth falling off” in front of everybody.

Do you practice some ancient beliefs? Are they working out for you?


According to a survey that consisted of asking over 300 dentists that was organized by The Chicago Dental Society, there were six very common but odd requests made by their patients. It is not about how much veneers cost or how to fix teeth without braces, these inquiries are downright bizarre that you can’t help but laugh at some of it. Enlighten yourself with these strange requests.


1. Can you please pull all my teeth and just give me dentures? Okay, now don’t you think this is insane? Do you honestly want to get rid of all your natural teeth just so you can replace it with some fake ones? Sheesh. That’s just plain lazy and weird!


2. I just broke off an engagement. Can you prepare my tooth so that I can keep the diamond in it? We can only guess that either the girl does not want to return the diamond or the guy wants to make sure that the rock stays with him… that badly huh?


3. Will you give me local anesthesia in my lips? I’m going in for permanent lipstick tattoos on my lips and I’d like to avoid the pain. Now this is just hilarious. Imagine having no sense of feelings whatsoever on your lips. Isn’t that horrible? Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and you would throw that all away just because you want a tattoo? How odd!


4. May I have an emergency-cleaning visit? It’s my high school reunion and I need a bright, white smile to face my old boyfriend. Wow. Now lady, if you want to have that perfect white smile, you have got to maintain a very good oral hygiene! Cleaning it once by the dentist will not make it whiter.


5. Can I keep the teeth you pull out of my mouth – I’d like to make a necklace out of them. Uh, okay. No comment on this one. It is just too weird.

6. Can you give my dog braces? This is quite funny and adorable. Imagine, dogs with braces? Hilarious!

Have you encountered weird requests on dental treatment? If you have, kindly leave it in the comment section, so we can all have more loads of laughter.

Root canal. It is one of the most dreaded words anyone can hear and strikes a different type of fear whenever people hear it. It is something that can make even the bravest of men squirm in their seats. This isn’t surprising since it really, really hurts. That is why a lot of people find going to the dentist hard since they have equated the visit to pain. Another cause for alarm when going to the dentist is that people have a fear for most of the dentist’s tools and equipment. This fear would be unfair but fairly justified since in most cases, if you are on the receiving side of the equipment, you would find yourself fearing the incoming pain. For instance, when one has an impacted tooth, it really can be quite painful for the dentist to operate on it and pull it out.

That is why, to spare ourselves from the pain, it is important to visit the dentist regularly. It might sound counter intuitive but the best way to keep the dentist from doing painful procedures to you would be to actually go to your dentist regularly, to also look on your gapped teeth. By having your teeth checked regularly, you would be able to know if you have cavities and if they are growing or not. Cavities may not seem much of a big deal to you now but they will become a problem if they reach the root of your teeth and need root canal to fix them. As for impacted teeth, the dentist will have to monitor the growth of the teeth and decide if one should be removed or not to keep you from immense amount of pain. Wearing oral bands to fix the problem will also help.

Having dental problems are not only painful but sometimes even embarrassing. That is why if you want to keep the pain away, be friendly with your family dentist so that you might never have to see his dreaded tools ever.