Your teeth are very important, and their maintenance has to be one of the top things you take care of. Just think about it for a moment, that big gap in teeth is the first thing people might judge you by when you smile. On first dates, on interviews, and even when you meet new people, if you suffer from a crooked smile, you have to do something about it. Of course, while braces are a good option to go for, there are very viable alternatives in dealing with your problem. They can range from more natural methods, to total cosmetic repair.

If you are going for a more natural means to realigning your teeth, consider using Invisalign. While they do resemble retainers in a way, they work somewhat less painfully than braces on your teeth. You see, depending on how messed up your teeth are, the braces made for you should be as tight as they need to be. That works to straighten your teeth through proper application of force. You also don’t have to show up for constant tightening. Instead each pair is replaced as your teeth start to straighten out. This makes the process much slower, but the slow and steady pace ensures that they don’t pop back into their old positions.

However, Invisilign costs are also sort of more expensive than traditional braces. Usually the price can be dictated by how unique your jaw line is, but even then they might be $1,000 more expensive than braces. The quality of Invisalign is worth it though and that is because each set is tailor made for your teeth. They are also clear in color so they do not impose upon your smile, as opposed to the metal gray of braces. Lastly, they are very easy to remove, which allows you to eat whatever you want, and makes the act of brushing your teeth much simpler than having braces on.

The last alternative on your list should be veneers and similar kinds of replacements. Veneers can be a quick fix to your problems, but they require the user to replace them eventually. They are usually glued onto the offending teeth, or are used to fill in the gaps. Smart clip braces are also a great alternative. Since they do not need elastic bands in securing the teeth, and they have less metal parts, you are less prone to sores opening in your mouth. They also don’t need as much time as standard braces do. So, can you straighten your teeth without braces? Of course you can, you just have to pick the method that suits you.


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