Before Mariah Carey sang “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Then the Chipmunks sang their way to fame with “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” You will surely lose your front teeth when you do not take care of it regularly.  Before it happens, a gap in between your teeth may occur, and this could be the beginning of the problem. Thus, it complicates the need to fix gap in teeth.

In the old days, a gap in teeth means that you have very high sexual appetite.  But dentistry has proven this notion very wrong.  Gaps with your teeth are indications that there are dental problems that must be taken care of.  However, you are hesitant to fix it because of cost issues.  The cost to fix gap in teeth is relative.  It means that to those who have money, cost is not relevant.  When you are financially insecure, the price needs to be taken very seriously.  For those whose priority is to look good, cost is immaterial as long as the benefits they gained from fixing teeth problems are achieved.

The cheapest method to fix a gap or gaps with your teeth is via tooth band.  It works like rubber band attached to both teeth and gradually over time close the gap in between.  It usually sell anywhere from 20-30 dollars. However, there is a caveat emptor attached to this.  This type of procedure is not recommended when gaps are too large that you can insert another tooth in between. In addition, it is also noted that your gums must be healthy too.  Some of those who have undergone this procedure said that it is even cheaper if you do it yourself instead of your dentist.

Thus, there is no official word yet from dental societies with regards to the effectiveness of teeth bands to fix gap in teeth.  A possible alternative solution is teeth filling or dental bonding.  It usually costs around $100- $800, depending on the gap complications. Word of advice, this method is more on concealing the gap rather than closing the gap. In addition, this is not usually covered with most dental insurance policies.

What happens if the gap is minimal and you do not want tooth bands or dental filling? There is a need to shave, not your mustache but some portion of your teeth.  Custom veneer is recommended to minor problems on how to fix gap in teeth.  It is a very thin tooth like shell attached to your teeth.  It usually costs around $500 to $1300, again depending on complications and type or make.  When you need dental professionals to assist you with dental veneer, expect that there will be additional costs.  Your insurance cannot alleviate your dental problem with this procedure. Rarely does insurance allow this kind of coverage.

Some things in life maybe free, but at times you have to pay.  Problems like how to fix gap in teeth is something that you have to deal with beyond cost.  At times, we pay a fortune for improvements but the benefits we gain from such are something that accountants could not quantify.

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