Tooth or teeth bonding is a common dental technique used to repair broken or chipped teeth or to close a gap in between. A mixture of composite material with synthetic resin is used to fill the empty spaces where there should be a tooth or two. The cost of bonding teeth is not as expensive as some of the other remedies a dentist can recommend. However, the procedure can still fetch quite a high price. Based on current estimates, a patient can end up paying around $300 to $700 per bonded tooth. Since that cost of bonding teeth is equivalent to the cost of buying a new iPhone or iPad, it becomes quite crucial that you know the intricacies on how to take proper care of a tooth or series of teeth that has just been bonded. Here are a few tips straight from the dentist’s mouth.

According to several dentists, bonded teeth are known to stain more easily than real teeth. This is why every dentist will often recommend using whitening toothpaste when brushing your teeth. Rembrandt is one of the most highly recommended whitening toothpastes for bonded teeth because the whitening agent is not very harsh and because the results can be seen in just a few brushes. It is likewise suggested to adhere to the usual practice of brushing your bonding teeth before and after meals, at least for the first few weeks so that the whitening agent can really mesh the shade of the bonding with the shade of the tooth enamel.

Apart from properly brushing your teeth, you will be instructed to get dental cleaning every six months. This will ensure that stains are removed before they can grab a hold on the tooth and the bonding. Dental hygienists also have treatments to whiten your teeth. Just make sure to explain that your tooth or teeth have been bonded so that he or she will go with a treatment that isn’t too abrasive for the material.

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