Teeth Gap: How To Treat This Dental Dilemma?

Several patients are asking what is the best way to close teeth gap especially in the front teeth, today there are now several treatment that are being introduced by dental professionals. Fixing gaps between teeth depend on different factors, each individual are given an appropriate treatment depending on the situation. There are numerous factors to consider before treatment is given such as the following:

1. According the patients preference
2. How hefty the gap is?
3. The health of the teeth
4. Where the gap occurred?

Here are list of treatment that can be given on patient on different basis:

Porcelain Veneers

For patients who have teeth gap in the front which is commonly called as (diastema) porcelain veneers can be a good remedy, however it is not advisable if the gap is too large because if the patient will insist to do so it may result to a unnatural smile since the aim of cosmetic dentistry is to offer people a natural looking treatment she/he be referred to another treatment.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonds provide a quick solution for teeth gap. If you are a person who have a gap between teeth this probably your answer, for you to be guided ask an expert about cosmetic bonds and how to acquire it. Orthofill offers the most exceptional dental bands, in fact there are already thousands of satisfied customers who proven it great.


The most conservative way to fix gap in teeth is through the use of conventional braces. There are several types of braces like invisible and clear braces. The dentist will be the one to decide what the appropriate brace is for a patient; however the patient can choose what she/he wants.

The Use of Implants

If the teeth gap is too large due to missing tooth orthodontics is not applicable anymore. The missing part should be replaced for functional purposes because if a person suffer from missing tooth it will be hard for him to eat on natural basis and pronounce words correctly. Dental implants are also a long term solution.

There are several ways how to treat teeth gap, if you are suffering from such problem the best thing you will do is to ask an initial assessment from the dentist to define your problem accurately. To jump directly into conclusion is the common mistakes of most people, if you want to acquire a long lasting beautiful smile then let the expert works for you.

Everyone is unique; sometimes it is hard to figure out why teeth gap occurs, yet there are several factors like genetics and our lifestyle. If your parents have space between teeth then there is a great possibility that you will have too. On the other hand our daily habits can affect tooth shifting resulting to gap like pen biting, sucking our thumb during childhood and many more. Good thing to know that nowadays there are now innovative solutions for such dental problem making it easy for everyone to achieve a dazzling smile.

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