There is a lot of pressure to look your best, and it’s important to have a memorable smile, but what can you do about crooked or misaligned teeth? Braces are both costly and inconvenient. Worry not, there are ways to get straight teeth without braces or expensive dentist visits.


Invisalign created a fantastic alternative to braces. By using a transparent base, a mould of your teeth alignment is created and fitted comfortably. Invisalign uses a small denture mould to apply pressure to your teeth and slowly push them back into place over many weeks or months. It is barely noticeable and almost invisible, the mould is almost see-through. The transparent mould can fit your gums and teeth comfortably. So if you are interested, you can consult your orthodontist with any questions you have about this treatment.

Finding a provider is easy. The official website or your personal doctor can locate an Invisalign provider near you whom you can seek for consultation. Occasional visits maybe necessary to check on the progress of your treatment. After several months, your teeth can be shaped to line up correctly and you’ll have that winning smile again, giving you straight teeth without braces being used.

Porcelain veneer bonding

Alternatively you can consider porcelain veneer bonding. Veneer bonds are like partial crowns and less visible than braces. They mostly just cover the bottom front row of your teeth and are made to look similar in shape and color to your original front teeth. An impression of your teeth is taken and a custom fit can be made. They may be less comfortable but are certainly less obstructive or visible than hard wired braces.

Temporary transparent splints

For severe misaligned teeth, cheaper alternatives to get straight teeth without braces are temporary transparent splints. These are used in a step by step process to slowly move the teeth back into position. They are worn for 6-8 weeks and allow free movement. New splints are then made to continue alignment until the teeth are in the desired position. Splints work for overlaps and even gaps between teeth. Treatment can take longer than 6 months, in some cases continued treatment for 9 months is needed but it is worth it to avoid braces. Ask your dentist about these should you be interested.

Cosmetic bonding

The final option is cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic surgery is an option for some, but can be costly. Consult your doctor if you decide to follow this route. It is a much quicker choice and has its own benefits. Your orthodontist can file away the edge of a crooked or misaligned tooth, smoothing it with composite contour to whiten and balance the tooth color.

Choosing one of these options can be more appropriate and will avoid the need for unsightly braces that may hinder your social life or negatively impact your professional career. Treatment can take several months up to a whole year but at the end it will be worth regaining that winning smile and have straight teeth without braces.

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